What is my first step towards a more fulfilling relationship with Fascinating Womanhood?
Please contact me for your free introductory telephone or online session, when we will discuss what Fascinating Womanhood can do for you and your relationship.

What should I be reading?
The new Fascinating Womanhood Vintage Edition, published in 2018, is written for today's woman:

When can I implement Fascinating Womanhood practices?
Good news - immediately! If your heart is in improving your relationship, you can begin to use your new Fascinating Womanhood skills right away!

How do I start?
Contact me for your initial, free telephone/online consultation so that we can discuss howFascinating Womanhood can drastically improve your personal relationship!

What might we discuss during a phone/online consult?
Anything that is on your mind - we will target the area(s)
of your relationship that you wish to improve and
work on smoothing out any challenges you are

Are you available for consults on short notice?
While short notice availability cannot be
guaranteed, I will do whatever I can to accommodate
you if you need to talk soon, and help you apply the FascinatingWomanhood lessons immediately.